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Here is a small selection of the 100s of testimonials from our delighted clients.



The Retreat was two days focusing on life’s lessons which I believe will greatly help me to changes into a better person, leader, and businessman.  I am committed to putting in the work to bring about the change and massive impact on my life and business I believe this information will provide.

The accommodation was fantastic, great staff and beautiful surroundings

A wonderful experience shared with people who have become friends mentors and confidants.  I’m already looking forward to the next Retreat .

G Morgan

Prosys Computing

The Retreat was truly excellent. The content was vital to bringing things back into focus to enable my personal development. There is nothing that was not appropriate in helping me motivate myself.

The venue was outstanding as last time and the perfect setting for a wonderful Retreat. A fabulous time relaxing and very educational.

Jeremy Lewis

Mid Glam Construction Group

The Retreat was a truly fantastic couple of days in relaxing surroundings with a fabulous group of individuals all facing similar daily challenges. It provided me with space to reflect and switch off from the daily grind and focus attention on my needs.  I would recommend the Retreat to someone who was looking to genuinely improve their business or personal life.. And who wouldn’t want to do that?!

The accommodation was excellent, food phenomenal so much so I don’t want to go home! Thank you for a truly great Retreat.

S Hutchings

Hutchings Vauxhaul & Hutchings Hyundia.

The Retreat provided me with lots of great ideas on influence and persuasion I will use in all areas of my life. It was the perfect experience for me, I seldom do anything for myself and this was ideal.  

It was great to be with such like minded people who were prepared to share the knowledge and experience.   There is no question my performance will improve. The venue was really splendid also.

F Ladbrook

Felicity Jewelers

The Retreat was a great motivator but a type of motivation that will last in the coming months and will not disappear quickly. I learned so much; including how to conduct myself so I come away from more situations feeling good.

I learnt how to really impact on the outcomes of my suggestions to others and I have a new knowledge of the critical importance of ethos.  The Retreat was an extremely productive and valuable two days and as always excellent.  The powerful information was also what I term as “very doable.”   I'm already looking forward to the next one.

A Bafaqih

Dasiy Day Nursery

The Retreat allowed me to refocus on my original vision for my business was. I am a very skeptical person and was not expecting my overall rating of the event to be more that one out of ten having to attend so many of these types of events over the years. 

However, I have to say the experience was not a one out of ten it was an eleven out of ten! I was really that good and a huge wake-up call for me.  Also, the venue was excellent and the downtime very relaxing.  Thank you.

Barry Jordan

Wymac Developments

Just finished the BOA Retreat and this is the fourth Retreat for me and it was yet again scores 10/10 in all areas.

I can’t believe I learnt new and exciting information regarding influence in business.  And I am really looking forward to learning more. I had been looking forward to the Retreat for weeks to spend time again with such amazing individuals, learning new and exciting information.

Thank you & Sue again for an amazing time, Helen & I really enjoyed ourselves Can’t wait for the next one

Outstanding work... Thank you.


Phil P MD


Re:Team Alignment Training Weekend. What can I say - Respect, Passion, Accountability, Responsibility. A truly fantastic and eye opening two day leadership training event for my company leaders and myself.

It was far more then everyone expected and now it is up to us. We therefore need to discuss follow up and the next event. Thank you very much. 

Charles Bailey Chairman

C H Bailey PLC Group of companies

Absolutely spot on content, food room excellent and stunning surroundings. Exhilarating motivational and hugely beneficial. The injection I needed to really make an impact on the business.

Steve Hutchings

Hutchings Vauxhall & Hutching Hyundai Group

Having been on many business development courses - this one held my attention all day. Kept me focused on what's right for the future of my business and myself.

The delivery style and approach is excellent and I am sure will benefit everyone in the room especially me. 

Fun! Innovative! Worthwhile

Linda Narbeth MD

Cherry Blue Training

You know how when you do a ‘business course which is going to change your life’, you are always disappointed because your life and your business stayed exactly the same because you had no idea how to put the smidgen you learned, into practice?  Well, Puregain really does as it says on the tin.

I have learnt so much about how to run my businesses efficiently and effectively… and what I have learned, I really can and do put into practice every day.

Abeer Bafaqih

Daisy Day Nursery Group & Coconuts Play & Activity Centre


Two-day leadership and self-development Event.

Challenging stuff and excellent in all respects. Fantastic!

It was as always uplifting, challenging, rejuvenating, but never less than wonderful and exhilarating. Most importantly it will move my business and me forward.  Thank you for another exceptional event. 

Andrew Clode

South Wales Paper

The first day was ALL fantastic.  The second day was ALL fantastic. The venue food and surroundings were 10/10.  Relaxing, learnt a lot of very useful information and very enjoyable.  It was a brilliant mix of education and relaxation and YES for next year.

Jeremy Lewis

Mid Glam Construction

An excellent presentation, thought provoking and informative. inspirational and excellent. I learnt so much about developing my vision, the culture and contribution. Yes please for future events.

Adam Jones

Solicitor: JDM Law

Cannot fault both days, gained so much from all of it and I have an A4 sheet of new ideas. Can we come back please and please lets do the same next year, its a must for all of the above reasons.

Louise Sidford

Boxes and Busts Wholesale & The Bead Room

Content very interesting and informative. Motivated to change and learn.  Room food and everything excellent. Excellent motivating thought provoking and awakening.   Next year again please.

Mark MacKinlay

Co owner Coconuts Play and Activity Centre

Inspirational. Every aspect of our business has, or is, being vastly improved or completely transformed by the coaching programme and the great thing is that the entire team is eagerly involved in the process.

Training sessions designed specifically for us and new strategies for sales and marketing are helping to significantly improve our sales performance and increase revenue. We are learning to systemic our business procedures to help us manage the business more efficiently and professionally. He has also helped us to greatly enhance our image to our customers and our prospective customers.

When you face a particular, and when you face a particularly challenging problem, Courtney is always on hand to offer friendly help and guidance which at times has been invaluable. There is still much to be done but the business will always be a much better business, benefiting from our investment in the coaching programme indefinitely.

Gary Morgan

Prosys Computing

The film was enlightening, social media marketing was a really good conclusion, the venue room and surroundings were superb. The Experience was splendid, relaxing and motivating.  Next year yes please!

Felicity Ladbrooke

Felicity Jewellers

Very informative, current and a MUST implement into my business. The venue and surroundings are WOW.  Overall outstanding and it was great to be with like minded people. Excellent content and information. Yes Please for the same again next year.

Phil Popham

SecureIT Ltd

Thank you for your presentation and workshop. Your event was truly inspirational and professional. You have a gift for being on your feet and moving the hearts and minds of your audience. Truly 10 out of 10 and I cant wait for the next event. Thank you.

Greg Haddock

The Profit Doctor.

The whole day was 10 out of 10.

A really very useful day in revisiting all the important aspects of preparing planning and implementing change.  The focus on Key result Areas was a real gem.

All in all very helpful inspirational information for the development of my business.

Jeremy Lewis

Mid Glam Construction

I enjoyed every aspect of the training event thoroughly. My attention was held throughout and there were moments when we had a great laugh with the Eiffel Tower and Balloons...!

I highly recommended your management workshops. 


Bill Fullerton


I just thought I would write to you to offer my thanks. We've known each other professionally for some time and I am very much appreciating your help in the development of my business. Since the start of our working relationship, my working methods and profitability have improved enormously. I believe the investment on your help has paid for itself many times over and I look forward to your continued help.

C Dennis

IFA, Swansea

Courtney has been training myself and others in the company for 3 months on marketing and the results have been outstanding.

He has shown total commitment and his one to one training is first class. You can see reults from training given by Courtney ewithin weeks of comencement. 

Courtney if a totally first class trainer. 

Rob Barrett

Mid Glam Decorators

For four years after meeting Courtney, he kept in touch without ever pushing me towards one of his programmes. He was always there, influencing without pushing, until 2008 when finally the business case to join him became compelling. Courtney’s style suits our business perfectly, I have had years of training in pretty much everything but Courtney challenged me to demonstrate the use of all this and to leave behind the “know it, done it” complacency. Even now I cannot easily determine what he has done for us, but somehow things have started to move forward rapidly and constructively since I finally joined his programme!! Furthermore, the interaction with like-minded individuals has been a delight and opening new doors as I write.

Steven Frost

Henstaff Financial Planning

Working with Courtney has made a dramatic improvement in our business.

Through his friendly "working as a team" approach he encourages and helps us to develop solutions and create plans and objectives.  He coaches and challenges us to continually re-assess what we are doing to improve every aspect of the business including sales, marketing, recruitment & time management.

We started our business with a belief, a good idea and product, but we really had given little thought at to how we could develop a real profitable rewarding business, that does not require us to work IN it 100% of the time. We look forward to some very exciting times ahead working with Courtney and we wish YOU every success in your business.

Rob Kershaw

Bloodhound Ltd

I really enjoyed this training and leadership development event.  I got a load if very useful information and systems to put into my business.

The event was very inspiring and left me feeling it was life changing.

I can’t wait to put all this into practice and I feel like I am a different person already.  Thank you so much Courtney

Sarah Thornhll

Cardio Core Fitness

Since starting work with Courtney, we have experienced a dramatic increase in profitability. Focusing attention on certain areas such as sales conversion rates, processes and procedures, and recruitment of key staff. The time saved on recruitment alone justified the investment.

Courtney has helped to deliver everything he promised and has been a fantastic return on investment as well as a great guy to work with.

D Morton

Logic Software

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable contribution to Age Concerns marketing plan and vision for the future. On behalf of Age Concern, I know that we all found your recommendations extremely helpful, and your enthusiasm in helping us shape the future was inspirational.

We now have clear concise aims which our organisation can adhere to. I look forward to working with you again shortly and shall be recommending that you work with us in developing our National Conference.

Thank you again.

G Burke

Age Concern

The whole day was very thought provoking.  I enjoyed many of the aspects also and will certainly take home how to implement the lesson learnt into business.

A worhtwhile and great day thank you Courtney

Nick Sakkas

My coaching experience with Courtney has been first class from the beginning. And now this event has also taken me to another level.

A really great day full of relevant information and inspiration

He attracts great people around him and it’s not surprising given his input and presentation ability. 10 out of 10 and thank you.

Denny Bryant

Bryants Solicitors

Very well presented event and great content with superb involvement for everyone.  It’s all about implementation and participation next with my team.

Great group of people and thank you.

Jason Edwards

Positive IT

On site leadership development


Fantastic presentation, very well worked out interactive and fun. Getting everyone out of their comfort zones and sparking them into action... brilliant 

Thank you Courtney for being an inspiration.

James Clode


Having been on many courses my hopes were to come away with at least one gem from today and stay awake. Well I certainly stayed awake and picked up a lot more than one gem which I can hang onto. Also my perspective on what a business plan is and that it can be and enjopyable process. Thank you Courtney

Peter Johnson


Getting to grips with cashflow forecasting gave me a much better understanding of the day to day running of the businesss.

Setting goals for both personal and business development in now a priority and thank you Courtney for a very enjoyable informative day

Andrew Davies


Everything was 10 out of 10!

It has been a fantastic day.  Extremly motivational  wonderful group of people and totaly professional.  Excellent

Tracy Griffiths